Occ health: Section 24 and serious injury reports


Important information is needed concerning
– Name, age, experience at the task, personnel number, accident log number, date of the incident
– Department, division, section
– SED, ED, director, supervisor
– Was there a fatality and was there any other IODs?
– Expected period of disablement? (more than 14 days off after the incident, the accident is classified as a section 24 incident)
– Description of the event
– Name of the person doing the investigation and their designation

Causes and contributing factors

Personal / human factors
– Inadequate physical capability
– Inadequate physical condition
– Inadequate mental state
– Mental stress
– Incorrect behaviour
– Inadequate skill level

Substandard acts
– Not following procedure/practices/rules/standards
– Inproper use of tools or equipment
– Improper use of protective methods
– Inattention / lack of awareness
Substandard conditions
– Inadequate protective systems
– Defective transportation, equipment and tools
– Work exposure to hazardous substances
– Hazarous workplaces or layouts

Workplace factors
– Inadequate training or knowledge transfer
– Inadequate management, supervision, employee leadership
– Inadequate contractor selection and oversight
– Inadequate engineering design
– Inadequate work planning
– Inadequate purchasing, material handling and material control
– Inadequate tools and equipment
– Inadequate work rules, policies, standards and procedures
– Inadequate communication

Lack of control
– Inadequate or ineffective hazard identification, risk assessment and management
– Lack of compliance and conformance
– Lack of enforcement of safety policies and rules
– Poor or lack of engineering standards
– Poor purphase specifications
– Purchase specifications not adhered to
– Lack or inadequate SOPs and written work procedures
– Insufficient induction and coaching
– Insuffucient formal inspections
– Lack of or poorly planned maintenance
– Insufficient performance measurement
– Insufficient communication
– Insufficient education and training programmes

In toto accidents can fall into the following categories
– Legal non-conformance (failure to meet any legal requirement of any act)
– System-non-conformance (failure to meet any aspect of the OHS management system)
– Process non-conformance (failure to comply with the requirements of the OHS management system)
– Product/service non-conformance (failure of work to meet a specified health/ and or safety requirement)

Record every near-miss you find at the workplace

This document should lead to recommendations by the investigator in collaboration with the department or region. It should stipulate the corrective and preventive safety measure that should be instituted and elaborate on who, what when, where, what why and how

The director of the employee should complete the action plan stating how each of the corrective actions will be addressed by the delegates

Fatalities, Injuries (reportable & first aid), Near-misses, Unsafe Acts