Occ health: Post-traumatic stress disorder screening (PTSD)


The prevalence of symptoms can be graded into 4 categories:
Not at all, once per week, 3 times per week, 5 or more times per week
– Do you have upsetting thoughts about the traumatic event that comes into your head, when you don’t want them to?
– Do you have bad dreams about the traumatic event? Do you dream of being killed?
– Do you the re-live the event, as if it is happening again?
– Do you feel emotionally upset when reminded of the event (scared, angry, guilty, scared)?
– Do you experience physical reaction when thinking about the event (sweating, and heart beating fast)?
– Do you try not to think about the event?
– Do you try and avoid activities and people and places that remind you of the event?
– Do you have amnesia about part of the event?
– Are you less interested in important activities since the event? Are you more interested in unimportant activites since the event?
– Do you feel distant and cut off from people around you?
– Do you feel emotionally numb (unable to cry, unable to love)? Do you feel as if people can see through you?
– Do you feel that your future hopes and dreams will not come true e.g. carreer, marriage, children, long life?
– Do you battle to fall asleep or stay asleep?
– Do you feel irritable or have fits of anger?
– Do you battle to concentrate (e.g. drifting in and out of conversations, losing track of TV, forgetting what you’ve read)?
– Are you overtly alert (e.g. checking who is around you, uncomfortable when your back is facing the door)?
– Do you easily get a fright (e.g. when someone walks behind you)? Are you acutely aware of smells, especially body odours?