Occ health: Regulations governing OMPs, ONPs and OHPs


Asbestos Regulations GNR 155, Feb 2002 (Rg 9 (1), (3), (2)(b)

OMP. OHP may perform  IHE but not sign off on COFF. Medicals not exceeding 2 years or as per OMP

Construction Regulations GNR 84, February 2014 (tower cranes)

Reg 22 (f) and Reg 7(8) OHP. All examinations as per written protocol

Reg 23(1) (d) (ii) OHP

Reg 17 (2) (c) (i) Annexure 3 OMP and ONP

Diving Regulations No R41, 29 January 2010 Reg 19(1) Designated Medical Practitioner and application to chief inspector DOL and registered with HPCSA only in reference to scope

Reg 19(2) Designated Med Practitoner who have completed a recognised underwater medicine course

Reg 10(3) Valid period of medical – a diver must report at least once every 12 months

Environmental Regulations for Workplaces GNR2281 dated October 1987 Thermal requirements (cold) Reg 2 (2) (c) Registered medical practitioner or registered nurse in accordance with protocol by Registered medical practitioner

Reg 2 (2) (c) Valid period of medical – intervals of one year

Environmental Regulation of Workplaces GNR2281 dated October 1987 Thermal requirements (hot) Reg 2 (4) (b) (i) Valid period annually

Hazardous Biological Agents Regulations GNR 1390 dated December 2001

Reg 8(2)(a) &8(1)(c) OHP

Reg 8(2)(c) According written medical protocol

Hazardous Chemical Substance Regulations GNR1179 25 August 1995 Reg 7(3) OHP can do IHE but not certify

Reg 7(2)(b) Bi-annually or as per OMP

Lead Regulations GNR 236 DATED Feb 2002 Reg 8(1)(c)&8(3) OMP

Noise induced hearing loss GNR 307 March 2003   SABS 10083:2013

Reg 8(2)(d) Person competent in audiometry and registered at SASOHN

Reg 8(2)(b) (i) and (b) annual audiometry

8hour rating of 105dBA 6 monthly

Civil Aviation Act 2009 (act 13 of 2009) and GNR 425 June 2012 Reg 67.00.4 Designated Aviation Medical Examiner

Physician with training in aviation medicine to do medical examinations

Forklift driver Road traffic Act section 1 OMP/ONP who has additional qualification

Merchant shipping Act No 51 of 1951

Section 58 Holder of certifcate incapacitated by ill-health

Section 92 Cadets and apprentice-officers to be declared fit by MP

Section 101 (1) Crew Medical Practitioner

Section 111 (5) Young persons as firemen or trimmers

Merchant shipping (Eyesight and medical examination) Regulations 2004 GNR 1197 of October 2004

MP needs Occ health qualification and experience in examining seafarers (annually)

Mine Health and Safety Act N0 29 of 1996

Section 13 and 17 OMP

National Road Traffic Act 1996 and Regulations GNR 225 dated March 2000

Over-65 MP or OHP

Fitness for driving (instructors) Reg 114 (A)(2)(b) MP or OHP

Disqualification from obtaining PrDP Professional Driving Permit Reg 117 (b) MP or OHP

Application for PrDP Reg 118 (2)(e) MP