Medical student training: Verification and moderation


Verification has the goal of ensuring that processes of assessment are conforming to standard regulations and requirements.

Internal verification is performed by an internal verifier. This is a member of the teaching team. The internal verifier ensures that the assessors in the same institution are utilising assessment processes of an adequate standard. The internal verifier differs from a moderator or examiner in that they focus on processes and not on outcomes.

External verification is performed by an external verifier. The external verifer sees whether national institutions’ assessment procedures are up to standard. They are not interested in the assessment outcomes. The person looks into procedures of assessment, moderation, second marking and documentation of assessment decisions.

Moderation is performed by moderators. External moderators ensure that national institutions are up to standard.

Internal moderators ensure that assessors’ assessments in the institution are up to standard. Moderation can involve the drawing of a sample of examination papers and evaluating the quality of the assessment of the assessor that took place. The feedback of the verifier is to the assessor and not to the learner.

In second marking (also called external or internal re-marking) the feedback is to the learner. There can be costs to the student involved in a second marking.