Maritime health: Health care inventory 100 cabin explorer vessel


Oxygen cylinders
Oxygen concentrator
Siemens Mobilett XP Digital portable x-ray machine and computer
Spinal board , headblocks, straps
Phillips Heartsmart MRX defibrillator and 2 spare batteries, paddles, ECG leads, 5 spare paper strips
Cardiolife defibrillator
Lead jackets (x2)
Aluminium crutches
Wooden crutches
Baxter infusion pump
Phillips bedside monitor
Surgical suction unit
Emergency resus bag (x2)
Portabale oxygen cylinder
Hard neck collars (x2)
Conmed hyfractor cautery unit
ENT set
Disposable laryngoscope bulb, batteries
Datex Ohmeda Anaesthetic machine
Peak flow meter
Magnifying glass
Thermometers (x4)
Bathroom scale
Automated external defibrillator
(AED) (x3) (Sick bay, Bridge, Emergency room)
Reusable heating pads (x6)
Medi-ice icepacks (x20)
Triangular bandages (x15)
Syphon pum plastic
Trauma pads 200mm x 33mm (x30)
Kendall respiflow connectors (x15)
Kendall respiflow sterile water for irrigation 500 ml (x14)
Pore sterile water for irrigation liers (x3)
Alcohol 70% liters (x3)
Liquid parafin liter 0.5
Cetrimide concentration 100ml (x3)
Hibiscrub 500 ml (x2)
Accutane 5% conentration 500ml (x2)

Femur traction braces (x3)
Elastoplast skin traction sets (x2)
Medisplint cardboard neck collar
Medisplint cardboard arm splint (x6)
Soft neck brace
Semi-rigid teflon neck brace (x2)
Tampax tampons (x54)
Acon HIV test box (x20)
Defibrillator Adult defibrillator pad sets
Peadiatric defibrillatio pad sets
Spare defibrillation battery
Burnshield dressing set
Prochlorpentien maleate (Stemetil) 25mg (x685 suppositories)
Elastoplast 120mm rolls (x4)
Elastoplast dressing tape (coverplast classic) (x4)
Elastoplast fabric plaster strips (x40)
No5 first aid sterile dressing 150mm x 4.5 m (x2)
First aid sterile dressings 100mm x 4.5 m (x2)
N0 4 First aid sterile dressing 65mm x 4.5m
No 3 First aid sterile dressing 80mm x 4.5m
No 3 First aid sterile dressing 75mm x 4.5 m (x17)
No 2 First aid sterile dressing 50mm x 75mm x 1m (x16)
75mm x 100mm Pad sizes pressure dressings (x5)
Conforming bandage 75mm x 4.5m
No 1 First aid dressing 50mm x 50mm x 2m (x2)
Clinipak medical products gauze swabs plain 5 per pack
75mm x 75mm x 8 ply gamma ray sterilised (x30)
Sterile cotton wool balls 5 per pouch (x15)
Be safe paramedical triangular arm slings (x3)
Woven triangular arm slings
Opsite adhesive membrane 420mm x 400mm (x4)
First aid dressing No 6 200x 300mm (x4)
First aid dressing No 4 150mm x 200 x 4m (x3)
Conforming bandage 50mm x 4.5m (x3)
Conforming 75mm x 4.5 m (x3)
Jelonet 100 x 400mm (x30)
Jelonet 100 x 100mm (x60)
Med Lemon sachets 6.1 g 9×10)
Enos sachets (x40)
Square gauze 100s (x2)
POP 10 cm x 3m (x2)
5 m absorbent gauze
Elastoplast sport bandages (x4)
Stocking net (5m)
Proprep stretch support 10m (x1)
Crepe bandage 100mm x 4.5m
Crepe bandage 100mm x 4.5m
Wrist brace (x3)
Elbow brace (x2)
Ankle brace
Knee brace
First aid boxes
Sterile gloves
Cotton wool rolls
Flourets 100 strips
Space blankets (x2)
Finger bandages (x5)
Megrotex dressings 3-5 cm x 3-5c, (x2)
Cotton linen rolls 5cm x 100 cm (x3)
Finger “socks” in rolls (x5)
CPR mouth guards (x5)
Shavers disposables (x20)
Prosure thick eye dressings (round) (x2)
Prosure thin eye dressings (round) (x15)
Plastic eye pads
Dental rolls (>100)
Dental syringes (blue) (x15)
Dental syringes (yellow) (x5)
Suturing material
Clini-gut 5/0 (x12)
Clini-nylon 3/0 (x12)
Clini-nylon 5/0 (x12)
Clini-silk 3/0 (x12)
Paper towel roll
Steristrip packs (x12)
Blood lancets (>100)
Sterile disposable scalpels (x4)
Xylotox plain solution for injectio (x100)
Plastic tweezers (x2)
3M Micropore 1cm in diameter
Xylotox spray
Adco Ethyl chloride 100ml
Blue litmus paper books of 20 leaves each (x10 )
Pregnancy tests (x25)
Cotton ear buds (x200)
Alcohol preps (x150)
KY jelly (x50)
Multistix 5 (x40)
Wooden thoat spatulas (x50)
Plastic throat spatulas (x20)
Wooden swab sticks (x50)
Manipler staplers (x2)
Skin stapler remover
Ethilon 4/0 monofilament suturing material (x2)

Pointed straight scalpel blades no 11 (x20)
Stitch cutting blades (x20)
Curved blades no 12 (x20)
Curved blades no 15

Eye spuds (x2)’1cm loop stainless steel hooks (15 cm in length) (x4)
Old type needle
Tiny hook handles (x2)
Twisted hook
Scalpel handles no 3 (x3)
Scalpel handles no 4 (x3)
Stainless steel tongue spatulas (x2)
Tweezer 18 cm
Stainless steel syringe
Curved artery forceps 160mm
Curved artery forceps 130mm
Magillis forceps (x2)

Dental syringes (x5)
Eye spud
Tooth filling compactor (x2)
Extraction forceps 9×4)
Filling set
Sharp probe
Wisdom tooth leverage
Dental scraper
Xylotox ampoules (x6)
Toothache fluid (cloves) (x2)
Mouth mirrors (x8)
Cavit temporary filling material (x4)

Ear syringes
20 ml measuring glass
10 ml measuring glass
5 ml measuring glass
Capillary tubes (x100)
Urine SG meter
Laboratory test tubes (x4)
Glass microscope plates (x50)
Thermometer (x2)
Artery forceps 18cm (x2)
Artery forceps 16 cm (x2)
Artery forceps 13cm (x2)
Needle holder 19cm
Long-nosed locking forceps 16cm
Long-nosed locking forceps 20cm
Dr Bauer Mediclinic artery forceps 12 cm
Curves 12cm artery forceps
Loop ended locking forceps 245cm
Operation scissors
Clamps for theatre linen (x8)

Anal dilators (x5)

Huge needle
Tubing locking forceps 130mm
Jaw locker (medium)
Open wound fixator
Vaginal speculum
Serrated twisted probe Fine bent long-nosed forceps (x4)
Wound lever
Wound rake
Urethral probe

Gripping forceps25 cm
Stainless steel suction head (x2)
C-formed vaginal speculum
Flushing curette
Evacuation curretes (x3)
Gripping locking forceps 15cm (x4)
Non-locking forceps
Uterine probe
Gripping loop-end locking forceps 23 cm (x20)
Gripping loop-ended forceps 17cm
Butterfly needle
Sharp probe
Loop nosed locking forceps 26cm (pelvic surgery)
Long nosed duck beak forceps 27 cm

Practice fridge
HIV devices (x10)
Heparin 5000 IU 5m vials (x10)
Actrapid HM 10ml
Novesin 0.4% 2m (x20)
Actrapid HM (ge) 3ml penset (x5)
Protaphane HM (ge) 3ml (x5)
Actraphane HM (ge) 3ml (x5)
Chlorcol eye ointment 2g (x10)
Chlormycetin redidrops 0.5% (x2)
Ergometrine maleate 0.5mg/ml 1ml ampoules (x10)
Suxamethonium chloride 100mg/2ml (x10)
Tetavax 0.5ml (x12)
Minims eyedrops (x35)
TropT sensitive trop T diagnostic tests (x10)

Ambubag and mask
Suction unit
Vacuum pump, foot operated
Nebulisation masks (x5)
Tube connectors (x10)
Bubble humidfier bottle
Adult mask with tubing (x10)

Basic abdominal set

Rampsley swab holder

Rampley swab holders (x4)
Scalpel handle no 4
Scalpel handle no 3
Metzenbaum scissors
Mayo curved scissors
Mayo straight scissors (x2)
Gillies toothed forceps
Russin forceps
Canes toothed forceps
Mc Indoe non-toothed forceps
Waughs non-toothed 8″
Long non-toothed 10″
Ramsay toothed forceps (x2)
6″ Mayo Hegar needle holder
8″ Mayo Hegar needle holder
Crile forceps 6″ (x12)
Spencer Wells forceps 8″ (x12)
Allis tissue holding forceps (x4)
10″ Babcock tissue holding forceps (x2)
Langenbeck retractor
Morris right angled retractor
Copper retractor
1″ Deavor retractor
3″ Deaver retractor
Balfour retractor blade
Towel cups (x4)
Yankhauser suction nozzle

Russin forceps

Tracheostomy set
Small Rampley swab holder
N0 4 scalpel handle
No 3 scalpel handle
6″ Metzenbaum
4″ Hook scissors
Straight scissors
Toothed Gillies forceps
Non-toothed Mc Indoe forceps

Criles (x6)
Mayo Hegar Needle holder
Trachy dilator
Towel clips (x3)
Trachy tape (x2)
Telflow dressing

Metzenbaum scissors

Laryngoscope set
ENT set

Abdominal set
Tracheostomy set
Stainless steel wash basins (x2)
Stainless steel square bowls (one big and one small)
Stainless steel kidney bowls (one big and one small)
Stainless steel plaster cutter
Urine cathether bags
Sterile abdominal swabs (9 packs with 5 swabs each) (x45)

ICU Floor-and-tile 750ml (x3)
Scrubs Cloudy ammonia 500ml (x3)
ICU Multisurface kitchen Cleaner refill 500ml (x3)

Ringers lactate 1 liter (x12)
Glucose 5% 1 liter (x11)
Glucose 5% 50ml (x6)
Haemacell IV 500ml (x6)
Sodium chloride 1 liter z9x5)
Sodium chloride 200ml (x12)

Yellow needles 20G x 1 1/2 (x50)
Brown needles 0.45 x 16mm (x20)
Grey needles 0.70 x 32mm (x15)
Green needles 21G 0.8 x 40mm (x50)
Jelco 16G Grey (x15)
Jelco 18G Green 9×10)
Jelco 20G Pink (x10)
Jelco 24G Yellow (x20)

IV adhesive see-through dressing (x50)
Spinal needles (pink) (x3)
Spinal needles (black) (x7)
Spinal needles (yellow) 20G x 3 1/2 (x3)
Spinal needles (orange) 25G x 3 1/2

Yellow safety needles (x4)
Blue safety needles (x3)
Medicath catheter set (x2)
Medican 18G intravenous cannula
Butterflies 11G x 3/4 ” (orange) (x40)
Butterflies 23G x 3/4 ” (blue) (x40)

Flagyl IV 500mg/100ml (x8)
Vit B12 10ml vials (x15)
Buscopan 20mg/2.5g (x20)
Benzyl penicillin 5 MU (x20)
Ampicillin Fresenius 250mg (x20)
Solucortef 100mg (2ml) (x8)
Decasone 4mg/ml 1ml ampoules (x10)
Gentamycin 80mg 2ml ampoules (x10)
Rocephin 1g IV/IM (x3)
Berotec 1.25 UDV solution for inhalation (x60)
Solumedrol 125mg/2ml (x3)
Lignocaine HCL 2% 5ml (x10)
Naloxone 0.4mg/ml 1ml ampoules (x20)
Cimetidine 2ml ampoules (x10)
Isoptin 5mg/2ml (x10)
Austell Diclofenak sodium 25mg (x10)
Neostigmine methyl sulphate (x10)
Atropine 1mg / ml (x10)
Adrenaline 1mg/ml (1:1000) (x10)
Cordarex IV 150mg/3ml (x10)
Pharmacare Cefurixime )(x10)
Antihist (x10)
Clopamon 10mg/2ml (x3)
Uretic 20mg (x20)
Zofran 4mg (x5)
Naloxone 0.4mg/ml (20)
Fortfen (x100)
R-Loc 50mg/2ml (x5)
Difenject (x6)
Marcaine HCl (x10)
Marcaine HCl 0.5% inj 10ml (x10)
Tredil 50mg (x10)
Epanutin 5 ml ampoules (x10)
Aminophyllin 250mg/10ml (x10)

Gyno-Daktarin vaginal cream (x7)
Nystacid oral suspension 20ml
Gyno Daktarin 1200g Vaginal single dose treatment (x2)
Daktarin oral gel 30g (x2)
Daktarin cream 30g (x2)
Mycohexal Vaginal tablets (x7)
Apor cream 20g (x12)
Vari-hydrocortisone 1% (x2)
Vari-betametasone (x2)
Protosedyl ointment 30g (x3)
Mycota cream (x4)
Sheriproct ointment 15g (x4)
Teargel 10g (x4)
Mylocort (x4)
Eurax cream 20g (x1)
Lenovate 15g (x4)
Pevaryl cream 30g
Topicate cream 15g
Xerespor V vaginal cream 50g

Silbercor silver sulphadiazine cream 1% (x5)
Betadine 25g (x5)
Septadine 25g (x5)
Remicaine Jelly 20ml (x4)
Bactroban Topical 10g (x7)
Dymexan 10g (x3)
Adco Acyclovir 2g (x10)

Factor 30 Sunblock 50ml (x5)
Deep Heat 35g (x10)
Sunblock Factor 16
Voltaren emulgel 20g (x3)
Reparil gel 40g (x3)

20ml syringes (x30)
Guedel mouth piece (white) (x2)
Guedel mouth piece (green) (x2)
Guedel mouth piece (orange) (x2)
Endotracheal tubes 6 1/2
7 1/2 (x2), 8 (x4)

10 ml syringes (x25)
5 ml syringes (x25)
2.5 ml syringes (x25)