Correctional health: Correctional health examination types

– Primary health examinations of inmates; this is performed by correctional nursing practitioners CNP and correctional medicine practitioners CMP
– Prison hospital and ICU clinical examinations of admitted inmates; performed by CMP
– Prison hospital rehabilitation evaluations; performed by CNP and CMP
– Inmate psychiatric consultations ; performed by CNP, CMP, prison psychiatrist, prison psychologist
– Inmate social welfare evaluations; performed by prison social workers
– Inmate psychological evaluations; performed by prison psychologists
– Inmate kitchen worker quarterly medical evaluations; CNP or CMP function
– Annual occupational health evaluations of prison wardens and other employees CMP functioning as occupational medicine practitioner OMP
– Annual PrDP Professional driver permit of drivers who have driving as inherent requirements of their prison job; CMP functioning as OMP
– Inmate workshop annual examinations; CMP or CNP evaluations
– Inmate parole request clinical examinations and reports; CMP responsibility
– Inmate inter-prison transfer medical examinations (on entrance into prison as well as exiting prison); CMP or CNP responsibility
– Daily hunger striker clinical consultations / clinical examinations; done by CMP
– Clinical consultations / examinations of inmates kept in maximum security isolation cells; CMP responsibility
– Daily visitation of inmate in total seclusion maximum security isolation units; colloquially known as “the hole”; this is the CMP responsibility
– Inmate intimate searches; CMP responsibility
– Inmate primary dental care consultations and procedures; prison dentist
– Inmate secondary care examinations by outside specialists and super-specialists
– Inmate forensic examinations due to in-prison violence and rape; CNP and CMP responsibilities
– Inmate weight screening programs; CNP responsibilities
– Emergency responses due to acute conditions and injuries in the prison; CMP and emergency response team
– Epidemic response screening examinations; CNP and CMP responsibilities
– “Use-of-force” inmate examinations after clashes between custody staff and inmates; CMP responsibility
– Cell visits or facility visitations if requested by prison authorities for health specialised opinions; CMP responsibility